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Rekey Locks

Rekeying is an excellent and cost-effective lock upgrade. When we rekey locks in Brampton, we also aim at keeping strangers from using the keys of your door to come in. So, we offer the service quickly and are available for emergency assistance too. Why will you need emergency lock rekey? That's vital when your key is stolen. In such cases, you can never be sure if someone would use it to break in. So, if you lose the key, call our locksmith in Brampton now.Rekey Locks Brampton

Want lock rekey urgently? Contact us

At Brampton Locksmith Experts, we intend to offer solutions that will make a difference to your security. By rekeying locks, we actually change the lock's pin configuration so that it will only operate with a new key. And not the original one. So, go ahead and call us to rekey locks in case:

  • You move to a new home or office. Don't forget that ex-tenants, contractors, landlords or realtors might have kept a copy of your keys. And you don't want to take chances. If this is a master lock, it might open with several keys. What our techs do is replace the pins of the lock to work with a different key. But this key change/rekeying service is recommended only when the lock is in good condition.
  • The key is lost. Calling for a new key replacement won't solve your problem. Operating the door with a copy of the original key is not recommended when the key is lost. By changing the key and thus rekeying the lock, we bring you peace of mind.

We specialize in master key systems

When it comes to rekeyed locks, you might also want to consider a master key system. Such systems are ideal security solutions for both office and apartment buildings, where key management is important. The main idea is to have fewer keys to operate many doors. Each one of the employees at a business has his private office's key and every tenant in an apartment building also has his personal key. But the super or manager, who must have access to all areas in a building, uses a master key to open all doors.

In our company, we can rekey your locks to work with two keys. We are here to help you with urgencies and provide fast service. So contact us if you want expert techs to rekey locks in Brampton, Ontario.

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